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Tiny House Decisions Guide Book - How to Build Tiny

Tiny House Decisions Guide Book - How to Build Tiny
Tiny House Decisions Guide Book - How to Build Tiny

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You’ve taken the journey from tiny house blog reader to future tiny house owner. You know tiny house living is for you.

In your mind, you’ve already moved in.

But as you start to wrap your head around the thousands of choices you’ll need to make as you build your house, you can feel the overwhelm creeping in.

You’ve read plenty of personal stories. You’ve found books on framing your house, doing your own electrical wiring, even selecting the right toilet for your house.

What you’ve yet to find is the guide that brings it all together and walks you, start to finish, through the process of researching, planning, and building your tiny house.

Tiny House Decisions is insightful, honest, and thoughtful. If you want to live in a tiny house, this guide will empower you to make informed decisions. I highly recommend it!

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I get it, because I’ve been there.

My own journey to tiny house living began a few years ago. I was fed up with the corporate world and ready to start my own business, but I worried the jump from 9-to-5 to solo entrepreneur would make it hard to pay my rent.

Then I discovered the tiny house movement. Here was a structure I could build without permits, park without paying taxes, and live in for very little money. Everything about it felt in line with the freedom and simplicity I craved.

I got to work finding plans, researching options, and gathering materials. I dove headlong into gathering information, combing through the internet’s wisdom to pick out the bits that would eventually shape my house. In June of 2012, I started building, and 14 months later, my house was complete.

Do you know what I spent most of that time doing (aside from the actual building)?


I spent hours and hours fighting through decision fatigue to make choices that would yield the house I wanted. If I’d had a comprehensive guide to help me identify key decisions lay and understand my options, I know my house would have been done sooner and with less stress.

It was through the Facebook page I set up to share pictures of my progress that I realized I wasn’t alone. Every day, I answered all kinds of questions from fellow tiny home enthusiasts. I loved seeing how all the careful research I did to build my house could help thousands of others build theirs.

If you are looking into building your own tiny home, I highly recommend Ethan Waldman’s guide, Tiny House Decisions. Ethan walks you through construction decisions and the infrastructure of where and how to place your home and much more. A must read.

Tiny House Decisions is a comprehensive field guide to help aspiring tiny house builders (like you) make the right choices for their unique homes.

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In it, I take you through the decisions I made, what I ultimately decided for my own house (and why), and how those decisions affected the overall project. I’ll help you:

  • Identify key choices and understand the relationships between them so you can plan your house effectively — without spending countless hours researching.

  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your tiny house by avoiding common mistakes.

  • Feel confident about the choices you’re making, because you’ll know they’re the right decisions for you.

It’s hard to figure out exactly which questions you should be considering when you’re faced with so many choices. That’s why Tiny House Decisions starts at the very beginning of the decision-making process.

Tiny House Decisions is designed to start with the big-picture questions and move you step-by-step into the practicalities of building.

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In this section, we’ll unpack some of the huge up-front decisions you’ll need to make before you start building your tiny house. For instance:

  • Are you going to build it yourself, with help, or hire it out?
  • Will it be on wheels or stationary?
  • How big should your house be?

These first, crucial choices will help define how much time and money you can expect the project to take and turn the vague idea of a tiny house into something solid and personal.

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In this section, we’ll go through all the major systems a tiny house needs, including:

  • Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Hot Water
  • Electric
  • Refrigeration
  • Ventilation

I break down the pros and cons of the options for each system before revealing exactly which appliances, materials, and tools I decided to use in my own house.

Tiny House Decisions is designed to start with the big-picture questions and move you step-by-step into the practicalities of building.

There are three ways to put Tiny House Decisions to work for you:

The Complete Digital Edition gives you everything you need to get your questions answered and your tiny house underway: Tiny House Decisions in 3 digital formats, 8 insightful interviews with tiny house experts (nearly 2 hours’ worth), and 12 detailed video tours of crucial systems so you can actually see the inner workings of my tiny house. Choose this package if you’re serious about getting as much insight and guidance as possible across multimedia formats and from an array of tiny house dwellers who’ve been there.

With the Guide + Interviews, you’ll hear insights and experiences from myself as well as other tiny house experts. It includes Tiny House Decisions in 3 digital formats plus nearly 2 hours of interviews that expand the conversation. This package is for you if you want to hear from the experts and get the guide, but don’t feel like seeing another tiny house’s systems up close and personal would help you much.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read a sample chapter to see if it’s right for me?

What if I hate it?

I very much doubt that will be the case. But if you hate the guide, just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I will issue a refund.

Who created Tiny House Decisions?

That would be me, Ethan Waldman, technology coach and tiny house owner. Whether I’m talking tech or tiny houses, my goal is to make hard topics accessible to everyone.

My house and I have been featured in places like the Boston Globe, Design New England, tinyhousetalk.com, Small and Tiny Home Ideas, and the Living Small documentary. I live in Morrisville, Vermont in a tiny house I planned and built from scratch.

Can I help you do the same?

Buy now for $89

Buy now for $189

Buy now for $39

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