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The Only Braid Styles You'll Ever Need to Master

The Only Braid Styles You'll Ever Need to Master
The Only Braid Styles You'll Ever Need to Master

Braid envy -- it's a thing. If you find yourself gazing longingly at the intricately beautiful braid styles on Instagram and Pinterest, you've got a major case of it. There's nothing like an afternoon spent flipping through online photos of stunning braid styles, imaging yourself wearing them all from work to brunch to your wedding.

There is one little hiccup to this whole braid fever phenomenon: If you're not a naturally gifted hair wiz, attempting complicated braid styles can be downright daunting. Luckily, it doesn't have to be.

To help give even the most clumsy among us a leg up in the braid styles department, we grilled some of the industry's most celebrated stylists and bloggers for the precise, step-by-step braiding instructions you need to pull off braiding all by yourself.

Thanks to celebrity stylist Marcus Francis, Nine Zero One Salon stylists Florido Basallo and Amber Maynard, plus a few other independent braid geniuses, we have the goods on how to recreate 15 amazing braids. From the fan-favorite waterfall braid to the classic braided chignon, you'll see that these modern and sophisticated braid styles can take you anywhere.

Still afraid you don't have the skills? Put aside any doubts you have, and remember, you're not landing a Mars rover. You're just braiding your hair. With these simple braiding instructions (and a little practice), you can master Pinterest-worthy braid styles in no time.

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