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Southern Home Decor Inspiration

Southern Home Decor Inspiration
Southern Home Decor Inspiration

Lavin Label Leah Bailey Designs

Lavin Label Leah Bailey Designs

Lavin Label Leah Bailey Designs

As you already know, we are in the process of renovating our new home. One of the first major choices that Casey and I made was selecting the right interior designer for this nerve-racking, yet mostly exciting project. I’m a visual person so the first thing that I did was scour Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest to find home decor images that fit the style and the aesthetic I was dreaming of for our home. That’s how I came across Leah Bailey through Instagram. After ‘professionally’ stalking Leah’s feed, I knew that her style fit me to a “T’. Take a look for yourself at her incredible work below and follow along on my Instagram to see the renovation progress of my new home.

Classic White Kitchen.

After pinning hundreds of kitchen images, I noticed the recurring images of white cabinetry, marbled walls and windows that flooded the room with natural light. I knew I was going for a classic and traditional white kitchen with elements that pique your interest (like those oh-so-gorgeous glass cabinets and stark white lanterns).


Cozy Yet Elegant Living Space.

I really want people to think of our house as cozy and livable. The couches, window panels and area rug in the image below really evoke a sense of softness, while the house is still elegantly decorated. I could definitely see myself sitting on that white couch, reading a book and sipping a glass of Miraval rosé.

kelliboydphotography0096 (1)

My Dream Master Bathroom.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful bathtub? I was drawn to this master bath for all of the natural light, the detail in the tile and that stunning chandelier. This nook would serve as my oasis. I could also enjoy a glass of rosé while soaking in this tub.

kelliboydphotography0055 (1)

A Pinterest-Worthy Lounge Area.

If you know me then you know that I love to take naps! Yes, I nap for at least 10-15 minutes almost everyday. I’m fairly certain that when I pinned this picture, I was dreaming of napping outside on a beautiful southern day. Look at the peaceful light blue ceiling, bronze lantern, and that oversize swinging daybed. I’m getting sleepy just looking at this porch! You guessed it — I could also sip my rosé on this front porch.


Rustic Yet Functional.

If this is how Leah designs a mudroom, then I know I’m in good hands. That’s pretty much all I need to say about this perfectly designed nook! I mean, that bench is just jaw dropping.

kelliboydphotography0041 (1)

Maximize The Space.

I love how Leah designed this kitchen around the breakfast nook area. The way that she incorporated both the built-in bench and extra seating adds to the functionality and aesthetic of the kitchen.

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