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Small Laundry Room Inspiration and Ideas

Small Laundry Room Inspiration and Ideas
Small Laundry Room Inspiration and Ideas

We may envy folks with giant, dreamy washrooms with multiple machines and enough folding space for a small village...but that doesn't mean it's not possible to fit a stylish and highly functional laundry room into a small space. Here are ten hardworking little laundry rooms that prove that bigger isn't always better.

Above: a sliding vintage door reveals a laundry room nook in a home from Style Me Pretty. There's a sink for handwashing delicates, and the countertop that extends across both machines is a great spot for folding and stacking laundry.

This laundry closet from At Home Arkansas also has a countertop for folding. The cabinets are perfect for tucking away laundry supplies, and a hanging rod provides a catch-all for homeless hangers.

This little laundry room from The Woodgrain Cottage cleverly incorporates storage above and below the machines. There's just enough room for a folding table, and an ironing board hangs on the wall when not in use.

This laundry room/mudroom combo from Houzz incorporates a bench and hanging space.

From I Heart Organizing, a great example of how even a garage laundry room can be stylish and functional. We especially like the low hanging bar for coat hangers.

A half bath turned lovely laundry room from Chris Loves Julia. The laundry room sink is nice to have, if you've got the space.

A little laundry room with shelves above from BHG.

A stylish bathroom/laundry room combo from BHG.

Here's a laundry closet from Elextrolux that even boasts a sink.

From Martha Stewart, here's another laundry closet tucked into a bathroom. Things we like: the folding board that pulls out from between the washer and dryer, and the shade that pulls down to cover everything up when not in use.

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