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Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice - Kid Craft - Glued To My Crafts

Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice - Kid Craft - Glued To My Crafts
Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice - Kid Craft - Glued To My Crafts

Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice - Kid Craft

One of my favorite things to make {and eat} on Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Pie. YUM….so delicious – right?!

With all that being said – it only seems fitting that we share this Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice Kids Craft idea in honor of that sweet delicious dessert everyone will be eating this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

As simple as pie!!! Using just some orange craft paint, a simple paper plate and a little glue – you too can make it with your child in no time. Best part is it’s calorie free and you “make” it over & over again – on the fly & cheap!

So don’t bother getting the mixer out anytime soon – instead craft with this DIY activity up with your child today!!! Happy crafting my friends!!!

Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice - Kid Craft

* Large Paper Plate

* Orange Craft Paint

* Paint Brush

* Brown Cardstock

* Scissors

* Stapler

* School Glue

* Large White Poms Poms

* Orange Glitter

* First cut your paper plate to resemble a pie slice.

* Now have children paint the entire piece completely orange. Set aside.

* While they are working on that, cut some small squares out of your brown cardstock. This will be the “crust” of the piece.

* Once your child is done completely covering the paper plate, staple the brown squares along the edge where the pie crust would be.

* To finish off the Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice, have your child glue/sprinkle the orange glitter on top of their piece to represent “the spice” for the pie and then glue their white pom poms in the center as well {because every pie needs whipped cream!} Then let it dry completely before displaying proudly!

* And of course you can change out the color of the paint to reflect other pie flavors {red for apple pie or green for key lime pie} Just have fun with it!!

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