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New hallway rug and gallery wall...

New hallway rug and gallery wall...
New hallway rug and gallery wall...

The other change in our hallway is the gallery wall. When we repainted our hall and living room a few months ago I knew I wanted to change the pictures around on the walls. At the end of our hall I used to have a large wedding picture, but now I have a floor to ceiling gallery wall. Most of the frames for the wall were purchased at IKEA with the exception of the white ones. When I got home I laid all the frames on the floor, decided on an arrangement then hung them up one at a time.

On all the lower pictures I put command strips on the back to make sure they stay on the wall. With young kids and a dog with a crazy strong tail this was a must.

I hacked the 2 RIBBA IKEA frames by blocking off the corners and applying gold leaf Rub 'n Buff.

Next up for the hallway is a new light fixture.

Here's what I'm thinking (just pretend you don't see the horrible photoshopping).

Original article and pictures take http://littlehouseoffour.blogspot.com/2014/01/new-hallway-rug-and-gallery-wall.html site

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