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Making your home House Beautiful

Making your home House Beautiful
Making your home House Beautiful


Excited is an understatement when I was approached early last year by the rather lovely Janet McMeekin, to see if I would be interested in having my home featured in a national Home magazine. As I am a complete addict to most of these magazines, I was thrilled to be asked. It was a fabulous experience - I honestly had my eyes opened to the extreme hard work, time and preparation that goes into each article.

The first part of the process was to take a few images myself of each room, they were then sent to Janet and then it was a question of waiting......something I am not an expert at! I heard fairly quickly that House Beautiful would be really keen to include our home. The next step was to arrange a day for the full professional photo shoot - this involved an awful lot of cleaning/tidying and ensuring the boys would all be away from home for the day - a military operation in itself! It was worth all the organisation though, I had an amazing day with Jeremy - the very talented photographer who's attention to detail was second to none. I was amazed at how long each shot took - ensuring everything was in the perfect position for the best angled image - and although poor Jeremy spent the whole day with me - the time seemed to fly by.


I learnt so much and I am truly grateful to have been a part of it. Janet then popped for a visit (which involved cups of tea and meeting her lovely family), and I was able to explain in detail the work we had completed within our home. I think she was grateful to see this in person as it had been such a quirky restoration it was much easier than trying to visualise away from the house. Janet also interviewed me (although because Janet is so lovely and friendly, this felt much more like a good old chat!)...I explained in detail the process we had taken in restoring and extending our home, and giving details of where items within my home could be sourced. Janet then wrote the most wonderful article that ultimately feature within the magazine.

I was so happy with how she had really captured all of what I had tried to explain, my feelings and the hard work we had put into our little family home. At this point - it was another waiting game....I did not know which month the feature would be in - at the back of my mind I thought it may be the Autumn and so I was shocked when we were taking a family break during the Easter holidays and my neighbour (and lovely friend too) sent me a text message saying she was reading all about our home! she subscribes to the magazine and had received her copy early. The following few days were spent desperately trying to get a hard copy of the magazine - only to be successful the day before we returned home to my subscriber copy that had been sitting on my doormat for a week! typical! The whole experience has been an absolute pleasure to be part of, Janet is a wonderful, kind and experienced writer who's passion for her work is evident. Plus, the boys now think they are celebrities ! Perfect!

If, like myself, you love your home and would like me to feature it in one of the magazines I write for, please drop a line to mail@janetmcmeekin.co.uk or call 01243 792379.

Original article and pictures take http://www.joyinteriors.co.uk/blog/2016/4/27/2wrrva29wuz9zlymnkjqo1smb0vxmp site

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