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Inspired By...Beautiful Niches

Inspired By...Beautiful Niches
Inspired By...Beautiful Niches

We like to take advantage of every little nook and cranny when we are working on new plans...

We really love beautiful niches to display art objects and unique finds...I have to qualify this statement though... Most niches we see are pretty cheesey. When I googled images for niches there wasn't anything I would share. The following images were collected over time on Pinterest. A niche is like anything else...it needs to be well planned and hold something very special.

Niches can work in so many places...the foyer, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom porches...but you have to plan ahead...

It's all in the details...

It's your turn. Let's talk!

Original article and pictures take http://providenceltddesign.com/home/inspired-bybeautiful-niches site

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