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How to Design the Farmhouse Kitchen of Your Dreams - Lynzy & Co.

How to Design the Farmhouse Kitchen of Your Dreams - Lynzy & Co.
How to Design the Farmhouse Kitchen of Your Dreams - Lynzy & Co.

How to Design the Farmhouse Kitchen of Your Dreams
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Pick Your Cabinets

3.) Wood Cabinets (Image via this tumblr page, unable to find exact source)

5.) A Mixture of whatever you want! (image via)

Pick your flooring

1.) Whitewash Floor Tile // This is my choice for when we redesign our kitchen in the upcoming years! I know you’ve seen the redesign that we completed when we first moved in but our cabinets are in VERY poor shape and will need to be replaced in the next 5-10 years. When we attempt all of that, we will be installing new flooring as well! You can see this flooring in action over on Liz Grows Wild!


2.) Black & White Tile // I am also a huge fan of this Palazzo 12×12 Florentina Deco in Castle Graphite, but I have a similar tile going into our bathrooms and I want to kitchen to be different, so I am still leaning more towards the first option for our kitchen! You can see this beautiful flooring in action here!

3.) Hexagon Tile // I love the pattern play with this flooring. It adds character and dimension to any kitchen space!

4.) Slate Tile // I envision having this bright white kitchen and this gorgeous slate tile for the flooring. It’s so beautiful!

5.) Pewter Travertine Flooring Tile // I would love to have this throughout the whole house. I just love how it looks here!

pick your sink

1.) Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink // I love the look of this stainless steel sink. It makes your farmhouse look a bit more industrial!

2.) Double Bowl Sink // This is the sink we have and I love it so much. I grew up with a double bowl sink and I could never go back to a single bowl. I love being able to wash dishes and then set up a rack in the other part of the sink for them to dry!

3.) Copper Farmhouse Sink // How stunning is this sink?! If you love this copper tone and want to have accents throughout your kitchen, this is a beautiful option. See this one in action here!


4.) Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink // For those of you that prefer the single bowl, here is a great option!

5.) Fluted Farmhouse Sink // Add a bit of detail work to the front of your sink with this option!

Pick your countertops

1.) Butcher Block Countertop // Absolutely love this look in a farmhouse kitchen! See it in action here!

click on photo for source

2.) Quartz // Quartz (this particular one is Lyra Silestone) is a great choice for those of you who don’t want to splurge on marble. We ended up using a laminate (which looks eerily close to quartz but more affordable)! See it in action here!

3.) Soapstone // Love the rich tone of soapstone and how it instantly adds contrast! I also learned that because it’s nonporous that its naturally antibacterial and stain resistant. HUGE win in my book! Image via here

4.) Concrete Countertops // Look great in a farmhouse kitchen – I love all of these stylish spaces!

5.) Reclaimed Wood Countertops // Gives a great farmhouse feel and I love that you can stain the wood whatever color you want (if you DIY)!


1.) Oil Bronze Double Handle // I think this would look gorgeous with a white farmhouse sink and oil bronze hardware for the cabinets! (comes in other finishes as well)

2.) Satin Nickel // Love the look of these handles (comes in other finishes as well)

3.) Single Handle // My first choice – love this one! Comes in a few other finishes.

4.) French Country Double Handle // Love the country feel of this one. So simple and beautiful!

5.) Vintage Copper // This beautiful faucet comes in a TON of different finishes!

pick your lighting

2.) Off White Pendant Lamp // Can’t go wrong with these at $30 each!

3.) French Chic Garden Pendant

5.) Wall Sconce // I love how this wall sconce looks next to the cabinets above the sink!

click on photo for source

pick your extras

1.) Pies Sign // We have this and it’s on sale!

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Original article and pictures take http://www.lynzyandco.com/how-to-design-the-farmhouse-kitchen-of-your-dreams/ site

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