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How To Decorate And Organise Your Shit In A Shared House

How To Decorate And Organise Your Shit In A Shared House
How To Decorate And Organise Your Shit In A Shared House

How To Decorate And Organise Your Shit Shared House

The Debrief: Just because you live in a shared house, doesn't mean everything has to look shit. Here's how...

Sharing a house can be the best thing ever, but it can also be the actual WORST. Try and get everyone to put in a tenner and make these improvements to the space. It looks like lot of work, but definitely doesn't have to be. Many hands make light work right?!

Come up with a shoe system

How To Decorate And Organise Your Shit Shared House

The worst thing about shared living right? Shoes everywhere. Piles and piles just kicked off right outside the door. These nifty £12 shelves are a nice way of storing your shoes in a handy doorside spot. You could also use a boxed storage system which would also do the trick.

Source: Therese Winberg/Style Me Pretty

Get a shower rack

Maybe I'm late to the (pretty borning) party, but I just got one of these and it's kinda awesome. Saves the gunk that collects around the bath, or having to reach down to the floor. This little rack hangs off anything, the shower attachment is good idea, and keeps it real neat. Especially when you're sharing with loads who all have their own shampoo.

Designate areas to put shared stuff

Use all the surface space to put bits and bobs you and your housemates like and use regularly. These amazing DIY bookends would be a fun project to amp up your interiors game.

Source: Design Lovefest

Sort out your grim kitchen sink

Get a load of containers (plant pots work well) to go above your sink, to house all those sponges, clothes and brushes. These otherwise just hang around the sink making everything wet and ming.

Create a sociable layout

Apparently you should arrange furniture so you can imagine it talking to each other. Try and think this way for your living room, to make the layout sociable and maximise the space.

Source: Herz & Blut

Organise your food

Spend an hour pulling everything out of the cupboards and putting things into labelled boxed or baskets. It won't take long and makes grabbing the emergency peanut butter so much easier.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Use every time bit of space to your advantage

This stairway storage is super cute, and creates a place of interest for anyone walking up the stairs to top and look at books or any other little things. I have a friend who uses this space to display his 200-strong PEZ collection. Genius.

Source: Lisa Joanne

Oh, and books in general

Get a cheap shelving system for the living room to house all the books everyone inevitably NEVER reads. Try colour coding them so at least they look pretty. Use the top for bonus space to put things.

Source: Ruth Eileen via Style Me Pretty

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