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How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home - FREECYCLE

How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home - FREECYCLE
How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home - FREECYCLE

How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

When it comes to building your own shipping container home there are many things we need to consider. I imagine you’ve already searched for various other guides online, however many of these guides don’t contain the crucial information which you need.

Most people who want to build their own shipping container home struggle because they don’t have the right information, such as how to apply and successfully get a building permit. Getting a building permit can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. How easy would it be if you knew how to apply and what information you needed to prepare beforehand?

Many people also have ideas about what their shipping container home would look like, but don’t have access to proven plans which have been used time and time again to build cost effective shipping container homes.

Yellow Shipping Container Home
The Benefits of Living In A Shipping Container Home

Over the past several years the popularity of shipping container homes has sky rocketed as more and more people have started to realize the advantages offered by building with shipping containers.

Not only are shipping container homes stunning to look at, they are also extremely cost effective to build- far cheaper than building with traditional materials such as bricks and wood. We have seen spacious container homes built for less than $30,000!

They are also environmentally friendly, and are being used throughout the world to showcase how building green homes can be both fast and cost effective.

How To Build A Shipping Container Home- The Complete Guide eBook Cover

How To Build A Shipping Container Home: The Complete Guide Is the most comprehensive resource out there which will take you through the entire process of building your own shipping container home, from planning your home all the way through to purchasing your containers and moving in!

This book is packed with advice – such as which costly mistakes to avoid to keep your costs from tripling, and how to safely design and plan your new home.

Once you get your hands on the complete guide you can sit back and relax. Your mind will race with new ideas about how to design your home and you will be eager to start building! All of that is possible because with the complete guide, you will:

  • Discover how to purchase containers for the lowest possible price and receive a crucial pre-purchase inspection checklist.
  • Get your hands on the exact plans used to build container homes for less than $35,000, including a utilities layout guide and foundation plan.
  • Learn all there is to know about building permits including what key information you need to prepare before applying.
  • Uncover how to properly insulate your container so you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and avoid huge energy bills.
  • Understand which foundation type you will need for your home and how to correctly prepare your site for the delivery of your containers.
  • Receive layout and design tips throughout the guide to help you decide exactly what your container home will look like.
  • Receive a simple, easy to follow, DIY guide which will make your dream container home a reality.
  • Understand how to safely plan and design a dream home fit for your family.

The book is very well written and has many helpful photos and illustrations. I find that it is easy to read even for a person without much previous DIY experience.
Carolina A

Frequently asked questions

I want to know how to insulate my containers, will this guide help?

Certainly! Insulating your containers is the single most important part of building a shipping container home. The guide goes in-depth explaining exactly which types of insulation you can use and also how to fit the insulation.

Please feel free to send any other questions you may have to us via our Contact Us page.

Red Shipping Container Home

Which Package Would You Like?

How To Build A Shipping Container Home: The Complete Guide comes in three different bundles – each of which has been customized to meet your exact needs.

Shipping Container Home Plans Package

This package is ideal for people who want shipping container home floor plans, elevations and designs for their dream shipping container home.

Shipping Container Home Plans Book
Contains pack of 20 shipping container home plans- including floor plans and elevations.

  • Plans range from small one bedroom homes all the way through to large four bedroom family homes.
  • Each plan comes complete with: A Front Elevation, Side Elevation, Floor Plan and Room Sizes.
  • Detailed scale plans used throughout.
  • Required Shipping Container List and More!

  • End of chapter checklists to help keep your planning/building on track.
  • Includes 20 shipping container home floor plans and elevations.
  • Contains exact plans used to build a shipping container home for less than $35,000.
  • Each plan comes complete with: A Front Elevation, Side Elevation, Floor Plan and Room Sizes.
  • Easy, DIY, step-by-step plans to design and build your own container home.
  • Includes an example budget with pricing breakdowns.
  • The single most thorough and comprehensive guide ever written.
  • Use Plans Pack to jump-start your shipping container home build.

A Special Note From Tom Woods Founder of Container Home Plans

Hi there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Tom Woods, founder of tinyhousebuilder.org. I’ve created container home plans because I have a passion and love for this wonderful and unique building style- shipping container homes. I guess you could call me an enthusiast!

Because of my passion and knowledge about container homes, I feel I’m in a great place to help serve you and the wider container homes community. I know exactly what it takes to building a shipping container home and I want nothing more than for you to have your very own container home!

My team and I have been working for the past several months to bring this guide together for you. We’ve researched, spoken with other shipping container home owners, and experimented to help bring together the very best information for you. It’s all here, from simple designs and plans all the way through to the nitty-gritty know-how.

Believe me when I say it’s the most thorough and detailed guide you’ll find (we’ve looked)!

Original article and pictures take http://www.freecycleusa.com/project/build-shipping-container-home/ site

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