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Guest Room Must Haves - Refashionably Late

Guest Room Must Haves - Refashionably Late
Guest Room Must Haves - Refashionably Late

Guest Room Must Haves - www.refashionablylate.com

This Friday’s Favorites is all about guest room decor and must haves. I’m revving up to do a major overhaul on our guestroom and feeling inspired by so many things on Pinterest. How did we ever decorate and learn to make things before Pinterest?! Right now our guest room is aqua and has mismatched furniture and a bright red comforter. We used what we had! We just bought paint this last weekend so I’m ready to get this thing started!

We have never had a room specifically for guests before so I’m anxious to make it feel homey for our future visitors. I want them to feel like they like they are at home and comfortable. I love all of these little tips and tricks to create a welcoming space!

Here are 7 guest room must haves that I’m thinking about incorporating into my guest room:

Guest - Wifi

guest room jar



DIY Luggage Rack 2

butler's tray

blanket ladder

Aren’t all of these great! If you have these waiting for your guests then they don’t have to worry about asking for towels or shampoo if they forgot it! It’s all there for them! It’s a great way to make your guests feel like they are at a resort…we like to call our house Chateau RuPaul! It’s my name, Ruthie, combined with my husbands name, Paul, and plus it’s the name of a famous drag queen! What could be better!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I’m in Phoenix with my quartet, Delilah so keep an eye out for some fun pics on Instagram. You can head on over and follow along if you’d like! While you are at it why don’t you follow all my social media accounts!

Original article and pictures take http://refashionablylate.com/2015/08/07/guest-room-must-haves/ site

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