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Grey book wall (Stylizimo blog)

Grey book wall (Stylizimo blog)
Grey book wall (Stylizimo blog)


Although I really liked how our book wall used to look like in black, I actually prefer this lighter look that we got after I replaced it with the perfect grey color. Together with the wall behind the couch that I showed you last week, I decided to paint this corner of the living room in the same grey so I could connect the two areas without making it too dark in the living room ( the rest of the living room have white walls.. ). The new color goes perfectly with everything else in the living room, and I couldn´t be happier with this little makeover. It´s amazing how easy you can make a change in a room with just a few hours of painting, right?

To make my grey book wall, I painted the ledges ( from Ikea ) in the same color as the wall to get a cleaner look and to make the books and art can stand out. With the new light wall I have now also chosen to feature books and art that are in the same shade to get a serene and delicate look. I´ve also added some wooden frames in the shelves to add some warmth and to match the wooden daybed.

Along with the new color I also bought this huge olive tree ( found it on 50% off! ) Since this corner has two big windows it can look and feel a bit “naked” as I have no curtains. But with this tree I think it looks much more cosy and it really makes the room. Let´s just hope that I can keep it alive. Do you have any tips for me, maybe?

If you want to see more photos of our living room with this new color, you can check out this post.

Original article and pictures take https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/stylizimo-blog-2486608/grey-book-wall-5073239993 site

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