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grey and brass in the kitchen..

grey and brass in the kitchen..
grey and brass in the kitchen..

Loving this gorgeous grey and brass kitchen. Show house kitchens are always pretty fun because they showcase the best that many companies have to offer all in one place. I love this one from Traditional home, all that grey and I love the pantry detail.



Love the elegance of gray marble counter tops combined with the same shade gray cabinets with the brass handles. The special features – black vent, dog/cat water & food bowl is so creative. I especially love the walk in pantry – that would be a dream for me as I love to cook and never have enough storage. Awesome design & very talented.

Whittier, CA

August 21, 2015


There are very few kitchens that make me audibly gasp. This was one of them- that hood is to die for!

Charlotte Skinner

This is one my favorite kitchens. I am smitten with all things brass. Such a classic material, there’s nothing like it!


Original article and pictures take http://www.greigedesign.com/blogs/blog/42735427-grey-and-brass-in-the-kitchen site

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