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Gingerbread Houses - Pictures and Ideas

Gingerbread Houses - Pictures and Ideas
Gingerbread Houses - Pictures and Ideas

Gingerbread House - Steve Cohen/Getty Images

This is another elegant graham cracker gingerbread house (clearly not made by a child in kindergarten). But even kids and people who aren't pastry chefs can get some good ideas from this cleverly decorated house. For example, this gingerbread house uses red striped gum to make elegant and festive shingles for the roof and mini marshmallows to make snow drifts around the base of the house. I like the way the designer used a candy cane stuck into a vanilla wafer with a gumdrop on the end to make a streetlamp.

It's a clever trick - and one that even little kids can use. Be sure to use royal icing to decorate your gingerbread houses. It makes even delicate candy decorations like this lamp stick easily. And it dries quickly. If you'd like to make windows out of round butter crackers or fancy doors out of cookies the way the artist of this graham cracker house did, pipe the icing onto the crackers or cookies before attaching them to the house. Give the windows and doors a few minutes to dry before placing them on the house.

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