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Gingerbread Classroom Ideas and a FREEBIE - Mrs. Richardson's Class

Gingerbread Classroom Ideas and a FREEBIE - Mrs. Richardson's Class
Gingerbread Classroom Ideas and a FREEBIE - Mrs. Richardson's Class

Gingerbread Classroom Ideas

Read Aloud

This is, hands down, THE easiest way to integrate a fun thematic topic. I would look at our comprehension strategy that we needed to focus on and then choose some read aloud that fit that strategy well. Most of the time when December rolled around, we were ready to circle back around and practice retelling a story with either story elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution) or with a beginning, middle, and end.

Gingerbread Books for Read Aloud

We would use the picture cards to act out the stories and retell them, then we would jot it all down on our graphic organizer.

Gingerbread Retell Cards

Gingerbread Graphic Organizer

Shared Reading

My first year of teaching one of my favorite people introduced me to this gingerbread poem. She had a little tune that we sang to it and the students LOVED it! It is filled with sight words and super catchy! The kids loved adding it to their Song and Poem books that we kept

Gingerbread Poem

Grab a copy of it HERE for free.


I’m sure you have heard about how much we enjoyed purposeful crafts in our classroom. (If not, click here to read more about them!) This time of year we always did a gingerbread version. It also was a great way to respond to the text that we have been reading all week!

Gingerbread Writing and Craft

Gingerbread Writing and Craft

At the end of our gingerbread week, we always went on a gingerbread hunt! I had a stuffed gingerbread who would appear on Monday. On Friday he would disappear from our classroom and leave us a note about him running away! My students LOVED it!! He would leave us clues all around the school and we would have to follow the clues to find him. We would end up back in our classroom and he would leave us a tray of gingerbread cookies! Academic? Not so much. Fun and memorable for the kids? Absolutely!

Gingerbread Printables, including a gingerbread hunt!

I would love to hear about your gingerbread fun in your classroom!

Gingerbread Classroom Ideas that are perfect for the kindergarten and first grade classrooms. Many engaging activities for any gingerbread book!

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