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Get Up Close and Personal with Some of the Swankiest Tiny Homes on the Market

Get Up Close and Personal with Some of the Swankiest Tiny Homes on the Market
Get Up Close and Personal with Some of the Swankiest Tiny Homes on the Market

For years, the "Tiny Home" movement has been enticing would-be homeowners to leave the confines of a monthly mortgage and rent for a free-spirited, compact lifestyle. These small home dwellers pack up their most personal belongings and stuff them into one small space, ready to become nomads...or simply save money.

It may seem like a drastic change to opt for a life of 100 square feet and composting toilets (sustainable plumbing anyone?), but as we discovered on our rendezvous through the Tiny Home Village at the Denver Home Show, sustainable construction coupled with beautiful interior design make tiny home living a perfect (and very cheap) alternative!

Many of the spaces we encountered were equipped with innovative, eco-friendly technology and the same amenities you would find in a “traditional” apartment:

Our first stop (by Outlier Tiny Homes) was a whimsical work of industrial and sustainable art. Though it was the smallest of the bunch, the amount of love and creativity that went into its design made it a favorite.

Reclaimed wood and metal covered the facade of this tiny home, and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” peeked through the planks. The interior was just as fantastic, with a maze of iron piping and Edison bulbs lining the ceiling.

It also featured one of the most unique pieces of plumbing a house can possibly have–a composting toilet! For the sake of “TMI”, we’ll just mention that this eco-friendly system turns your household sewage into something quite useful for the environment. Definitely a design/outdoor lover’s dream home!

The crazy Van Gogh/Compost house wasn’t the only home with a beautiful interior. Each space featured universal traits that made them feel livable–and almost luxurious.

Clean lines, wooden walls, and built-in storage made these houses feel open and less cluttered, while contemporary appliances, pops of color, and upholstered seating gave them a modern, cozy feel. We’ve seen huge apartments with less comfort and class than these beauties!

Another favorite on our journey through the village was a not-so-tiny home with the swagger of a high-end San Francisco studio. Complete with a built-in upholstered sectional, a modern fireplace, and polished hardwood flooring, this model felt more like a spacious loft than a house on wheels.

It also featured brand new appliances and soft lighting throughout for a cozy feel. Of course, it had a heftier price tag than the others–but at around 50K, it still beat the nearly $400,000 required to buy the cheapest property in the San Francisco Bay Area!

This particular model looked as though a savvy interior designer fulfilled their dream of designing the inside of a tiny house–the result of which was a swoon-worthy and chic contemporary cottage on wheels. Tolix stools (actual furniture!?), a reclaimed wood wall, and a bright red kitchen cabinet earned this home a spot on our favorites list. It seemed like every corner of this cottage was styled, making it feel even more like a true place to call home.

So what do you think? After peeking inside a few of these tiny homes, could you consider downsizing and living in a tiny home? Tell us in the comments!

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