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friday finds. (sfgirlbybay)

friday finds. (sfgirlbybay)
friday finds. (sfgirlbybay)

welcome to the jungle, folks — well, jungle green anyway. it’s so very hot out today here in L.A. — it’s in the 90’s and i feel like these images are cooling me down just a little bit. green is such a soothing, lush color, isn’t it? here’s to staying cool this weekend and a look at my friday finds. have a lovely weekend, everyone. xo, victoria

  1. i need to figure out how to find myself here, in Marrakesh, Morocco.
  2. i love lobster & swan’s pretty mint growing in this beaker.
  3. Eric Dufour’s photographs of architecture are simply sublime.
  4. this is such a calming work environment. have a look at the full tour on rue.
  5. i love terracotta pots with a little bit of patina to them, and this collection of fig trees looks so inspiring to me.
  6. lisa occhipinti’s paper sculptures are beautiful. be sure and take a look at the rest.
  7. Eugenia Loli’s vintage collage art is simply amazing. no really, go look. love this one called Rising Mountain.
  8. if it’s gonna stay this hot, might be a good weekend to just chill.

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