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Free Thanksgiving Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time

Free Thanksgiving Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time
Free Thanksgiving Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time

Free Thanksgiving Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time

There are many great CDs you can buy that I absolutely love, but I’m just listing free resources here. You can typically find links to buy the CDs for songs on YouTube if you wish. These are songs that I’ve found online for preschool teachers and childcare providers. They are also great if you’re a homeschooler or parent supplementing your child’s learning at home. And I think they’re lots of fun for grandparents and anyone who enjoys spending time with a special child.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

“Don’t Be a Turkey, Just Say Thanks” (song for Christian kids) by Yancy

“Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey Song” from Just a Little More

Song Freebie: Thankerchief from Jessica Fredrickson

Find LOTS of gratitude songs in my “Free Gratitude Songs and Rhymes for Home or School” at Bits of Positivity.

Pilgrim Songs

Turkey Songs

“Do The Turkey Hop” Song | Thanksgiving Song for Children – The Kiboomers

“Turkey Hokey Pokey” Song for Kids | Thanksgiving Songs for Children | The Kiboomers

Turkey Song | Thanksgiving Songs for Children | “A Turkey Is A Silly Bird”

“Music Therapy Thanksgiving Turkey Swing Song for kids / children” by Margie (and Peach)

“The Turkey Song” (A Funny Thanksgiving Song) by Bryant Oden

“Mister Turkey and Mister Duck” by Nancy Stewart

“The Turkey Hop” from Macaroni Soup

Let’s Talk (and Sing) Turkey by Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup at PreK + K Sharing

Thanksgiving Dinner (other than turkey)

“Please Pass the Peas” from Macaroni Soup

“The Happy Vegan Thanksgiving Song” by Todd McHatton

Thanksgiving Songs, Rhymes, and Fingerplays with Lyrics

All the Posts in the Free Songs for Circle Time Series

Free Character Education Songs Series at my Bits of Positivity Blog

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