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Farmhouse Bathrooms {Farmhouse Friday} - The Everyday Home

Farmhouse Bathrooms {Farmhouse Friday} - The Everyday Home
Farmhouse Bathrooms {Farmhouse Friday} - The Everyday Home


I love a good bubble bath.

To be honest, I am not sure if it’s the bath itself…

or the solidarity and quietness that comes with it.

(well, except for the kitty paws sticking out under the door)

There is something about Farmhouse Bathrooms.

They are not chic or mod or “boutique-y.”

But, like their surroundings – they are warm and inviting

and filled with character and down-home style.

Farmhouse style.



Each week, I focus on a room or theme which is uniquely



These are some of my favorite bathrooms from my

To me…there are a few particular elements that sets a standard

bathroom apart from a farmhouse bathroom. Let’s start with

one which always captures my heart.

The Clawfoot Bathtub.

Quintessentially Farmhouse.


Their very shape and character simply invites you to indulge

in a bubble-filled escape from life.



Even a smaller bathroom looks inviting with a clawfoot tub.

Love this splash of yellow.

While clawfoot tubs are not solely used in farmhouses –

I have to admit I emit a little sigh when I see one surrounded

with wood planks, old doors and quaint chandeliers,

and unusual light fixtures.

The second element that I feel sets the mood for a

Farmhouse Bathroom are:

When I think of a Farmhouse Vanity, I think of something

handmade and chippy and unique in style.


How fabulous is this vintage sink above?

Adding a unique sink and vanity is a way of adding Farmhouse-style

to a home that may not be 100-years old with original plank floors.

After all… nothing says you can’t enjoy a farmhouse bathroom

in a newer suburban home.


This beautiful vanity above is a perfect example of how a standard

stock vanity can be turned into a Farmhouse Vanity by adding a

chopping block countertop. I love all of the accessories.


Even a simply constructed vanity becomes a focal point in this

Farmhouse bathroom with a pretty, white apron sink and

vintage-style faucet.

Finally, this chippy vanity makes a statement…


It says “I’m old, I’m chippy and you won’t find me at the Marriott.”

The third element is something I touched upon above.

You can’t add a Farmhouse-style Sink and Vanity to your bathroom,

then call it a day and add a modern faucet. Oh, no, no, no.

I have recently discovered I have a “Faucet Fetish.”

I love vintage style faucets that look like they were salvaged

from old homes of long ago.


I absolutely adore a faucet mounted to the back wall.

And look at those vintage-style handles.



Even standard goose-neck faucets look grand when paired

with this vintage double sink.


(source: Pinterest Board)

The fourth component is something that offers more variety in

both the style and the budget…

If I could rip out every square inch of carpet in my home

and replace it with vintage wood floors, I would start tearing

it out tomorrow. There is something particularly charming, to me,

about painted wood floors…


While the above bathroom is beautiful in its own right, the

painted green floors give an entirely fresh and different feel

to the space.


A painted pattern, such as the harlequin design above, is

equally as pretty as a solid painted color.

Then, there is beautiful tile…


(source: Pinterest Board)


Even better, how about a tile that looks like a wood floor?

The fifth element is one I am drawn to, because I love the

idea of using a piece of furniture in a bathroom, versus a

standard linen closet, etc.


(source: Pinterest Board)

Where do I start with this perfect little cabinet?

Aside from its chippy cuteness, there is the toilet tissue stored in the

vintage wire basket, and glass containers which store

q-tips and cotton balls.

What’s that you say? You love this?

Yea, I totally agree.


(source: Pinterest Board)

How about a pretty, painted hutch filled with baskets and

fluffy, white towels.


And what is it about a vintage wood ladder holding towels?


Finally, we get to the final element…the Details.

You could have the perfect tub, the perfect sink and vanity –

and the cutest ever painted wood floors…but something would

still be missing.

It’s all in the details.


Reclaimed wood signs and wire baskets for storing extra towels.


Apothecary Jars filled with soaps…


White, metal pitchers filled with beautiful blooms.


A vintage olive bucket…

And, how about something unexpected?


Don’t you LOVE this vintage scale holding sea sponges?

I have a variety of objects in my shop, Farmhouse Decor, that

would be perfect in a bathroom. Such as…


This would be perfect for storing bubble bath and

bath salts, etc.


Farmhouse Egg Baskets for holding soaps, makeup and sponges.


So there you go. Six Elements of a Farmhouse Bathroom.

Oh there are many more elements, such as the heart and soul

of the home. The personality of the owner, and the most

important of all –

the love and laughter of those who use the room.

That, my friends – is something you cannot make, build, or buy.

Thank you for letting me share some of my favorite elements

of a Farmhouse Bathroom.

I would love it if you would pin these images to your

favorite Pinterest Boards.

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