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Craftsman versus Ranch Remodel Decisions

Craftsman versus Ranch Remodel Decisions
Craftsman versus Ranch Remodel Decisions

Ranch home Before Remodel
Here’s an example of two old ranch houses where they went craftsman:

Craftsman Style Ranch Home

Ranch to Craftsman Renovation

Here’s an example of a much higher pitched roof, but with the sideways garage and craftsman style.

Craftsman Home Details
Craftsman houses are characterized by windows like these:

Craftsman Home Windows

Then there’s the Mid-Century Modern look I love, characterized by windows like these:

Modern Ranch Details

I couldn’t find many inspiration photos, but this would involve keeping the same roofline and just going wider. It would also involve a more modern look, with a simple modern porch, versus a fancy craftsman porch. I think this option may be a bit cheaper, but also a bit more difficult to accomplish the aesthetic I want.

On top of the major decision on whether to go with a craftsman or ranch style, I have to pick a window color. I LOVE the look of black windows, here’s a few inspiration pics of houses with black windows that I love:

Craftsman Home with Black Windows

Home with Black Windows

But… black windows are also about a third more expensive than white windows. Black windows would also involve new black soffits and fascia, versus possibly using our old soffit and fascia. I am trying to convince myself that maybe we could go with white windows and dark house color for a similar look, here’s a few examples:

Dark House with White Windows and Trim

Dark Ranch Home with Craftsman Details

So here’s where I need your help. Craftsman or Ranch??? Black windows or White?? Then there’s the still the decision of which contractor, which brand of window, which interior window color (or wood stain) and which type of window.

8/12/15 Update: If you wanted to see which decision we ended up making check out the post here! You can also see the entire house tour after the remodel was complete here!

Original article and pictures take http://www.brightgreendoor.com/craftsman-versus-ranch-remodel-decisions/ site

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