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Christmas Porch Tour 2014- The Painted Chandelier

Christmas Porch Tour 2014- The Painted Chandelier
Christmas Porch Tour 2014- The Painted Chandelier







I didn’t get a good picture of it, but the front window on the first floor has a Christmas tree in the window with white lights, thus, no wreaths on those windows. There are also 2 gold grapevine deer with white lights in the front yard. We got slack this year and didn’t put lights on the 2 Arborvitaes in the front flower bed. It looked really good the past few years when we did, but nobody wanted to climb 9 feet on a ladder to fuss with a bunch of lights, so…… it didn’t happen this year. :-/ ( oh, and College Boy did the lights last year and wasn’t around this year for those fun festivities
















I was going to change the Pellegrino bottles from this Summer for something else, but then I realized I really liked the way the green, red, and pale aqua blue looked with the Christmas greenery and berries. The Ballard’s giant clamshell planter, crusty urn, and lantern have worked really well from season to season, too.

The weather was so nice Sunday when I was working on the porch. Mid 60’s and sunshine. It made decorating the porch and cutting greenery much more enjoyable. I used Leyland cypress, Arborvitae, Boxwood, Gardenia, and Burning Bush berries to decorate this year. The Burning Bush berries are in the crusty urn on the driftwood table ( pictured above ) and were a real surprise for me. I have had those bushes for almost 13 years and have never noticed the berries until this year! Aren’t they so pretty? Last year, I tried using less conventional greenery for Christmas like Anise shrub leaves, which have more of an apple green hue to them. They add nice interest for a change, and they are plentiful in my front yard. ( To see them on my 2013 Christmas mantle, click here ) But my favorite greenery to use at Christmas is probably Leyland Cypress and Arborvitae. I have several of these types of trees in my yard, but one of my good friends in my neighborhood has plenty and so generously shares her trees with me!

I hope you have all your decorating & shopping done so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the Season a bit before it’s over. I still just want to sit down in front of the fire, watch a good Christmas movie, and drink Hot Toddies. I’m pretty sure the reality is that most of us are rushing around doing last minute things, our kids are getting out of school, and the craziness is in full force, right?!! Thank you for stopping by today…always appreciate y’all!

‘Tis the Season!! xoxo

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