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An Unbelievably Stylish $70k Tiny House on Wheels

An Unbelievably Stylish $70k Tiny House on Wheels
An Unbelievably Stylish $70k Tiny House on Wheels

Here's a tiny (and very smart) dwelling that proves that little houses can be just as stylish as big ones. Called the 'Artisan Retreat', this little trailer is just bursting with beautiful details and clever solutions. And if you're hunting for a home, it can be yours — for only $70k.

The house, a creation of Matt at Handcrafted Movement, measures 250 square feet, including the loft. Into this space Matt has tucked a bathroom with shower, a kitchen with a full-sized stove and fridge, a built-in dining area, a living room, and a sleeping loft, which is accessed by a pint-sized staircase. Thanks to the shape of the home's roof, the sleeping loft actually looks pretty spacious — there might even be room to sit up without bumping your head.

In the living room, the couch folds out into a full-sized bed, perfect for overnight guests, or for those nights when you just don't feel like climbing the stairs to get into bed.

The house has little bits of storage tucked away in all kinds of places — under the stairs, beneath the bathroom sink, in the built-in table next to the couch. Upstairs in the loft, panels lift up to reveal a hidden storage compartment, and there's a little closet to the left of the front door.

You can see many more photos of the house over at Handcrafted Movement. And, if you're particularly intrigued by this little home, you can even buy it, for only $69,950. It's being sold with the couch and the bed and even the plants included, so all you'll have to figure out is where to put it.

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