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7 Chore Systems For Kids

7 Chore Systems For Kids
7 Chore Systems For Kids


1. Keeping It Simple

The basic chore chart has been around forever and sometimes it’s the best option. Create a basic chart with your children’s name and a list of chores and keep in a communal place like the refrigerator door. Once your kids have completed their chores, they can mark off with a check mark or a sticker. Kids love to show that they did their job! You can even create chore charts for non-readers by using pictures of chores (like a bed to demonstrate bed making) instead of words.

You can download your own copy of a pre-reader chore chart from TinySideKick.com, in addition to arts and crafts ideas for kids and DIY projects for mom.


Source: CleanMama.net

2. Chore Jar

This is a great option for additional chores when kids are “bored.” Use giant popsicle sticks or tongue depressors and write a variety of quick chores on each stick. Store all the chores in a jar and just wait for boredom to hit!

For free printables on chore charts and a variety of other great topics, check out CleanMama.net.


Source: Etsy

3. Choose Your Chore

If you have extremely motivated and responsible kids, then this may be a good system for you. You can also assign a value to chores, and make certain ones “pay out” more than others (i.e., scrubbing the bathtub pays $1, whereas taking out the trash is only $.50). You don’t have to give an allowance if you don’t want to- you’re the parents after all. Basically, use a variety of magnets to signify chores, and allow your kids to pick which chores and move them to their designated space on the chore board. There are tons of cute options you can buy on Etsy!


Source: MyJobChart.com

4.Go Digital

We live in a digital age so why not take your chores to the internet!? The people at MyJobChart.com have created a super easy and technological chart that your kids can update whenever they want. As the parent, you can assign points to chores and also leave notes on a job well done! You can even assign time specific tasks, like making the bed in the morning and feeding pets in the evening. This is a great option for older, tech-savvy kids.


Source: MakingTheWorldCuter.com

5. Chore Punch Cards

Take your chores mobile by making chore punch cards. Create your list of chores and then an accompanying punch cards you kids can carry with them in their wallet (or they can just leave them in their room). When they complete a chore, they get a punch and when their punch card is full they can cash it in for their allowance. It’s great training for when they can turn in their time card for a future job (and also for all the frequent buyers cards they’ll one day lug around in their wallets!).

If you like this idea, then visit MakingTheWorldCuter.com for the punch card template!


Get Yours on MelissaAndDoug.com!

6. Chores Are More Than Just Actions

As a parent, you want your kids to understand that they aren’t just responsible for tasks but having a good attitude while doing them. To accomplish this, use a chore chart that kids can not only indicate completion of their tasks, but gives you a place to commend them on a job well done. Melissa & Doug have created a great chart that also expands on the typical chores and adds a few extra great responsibilities like saying thank you and not using bad language.

inside chore book_thumb[3]

Source: OurFamilyForHisGlory.com

7. Individual Chore Books

This is a super creative take on chores! Buy a pack of clear badge holders and some 1-inch binder rings. Then create inserts that signify chores. You can either take photos, use cartoon drawings or just write out what you need and insert into the badge holders. Once you’ve assembled your “list”, make a book by inserting the binder rings through the holes. You can even take this one step further and add a lanyard to your kids can wear them! You can make the book chronological to make sure certain things get done before others or just put in any order so everything is accomplished. Either way, you have an awesome chore system!

You can find even more detail on this system by visiting OurFamilyForHisGlory.com.

Original article and pictures take http://lifeasmama.com/7-chore-systems-for-kids/ site

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