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Get Organized: If your pantry doubles as storage for china, appliances or where your Delonghi lives and brews, organize by color and type, keeping like items together. You'll be surprised at the impact just these baby steps will make. If you have countertops in your pantry, keep items to a minimum, displaying only those you use most frequently. Less is more on kitchen countertops.

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Organize by Type: Cooking and making lunches would be a whole lot easier if you could see what you have and knew exactly where to find what you're looking for. Swap boxes, bags and zip bags for clear jars and canisters with labels, contain them on turntables (aka lazy Susan) and in bins for a cohesive look. If you are someone who cooks and bakes A LOT, you'll appreciate the above Weelicious pantry organized and styled by The Home Edit. An organized kitchen and pantry is obviously important someone like Catherine McCord.

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The Right Tools: Let's talk about baskets and bins. As one of the most popular trends in home decor and organizing, you'll find them in just about any color, shape, size and material. The key in the pantry or any organizing project is coordination. When your baskets, bins, trays, can and spice shelves and containers coordinate, just about any pantry will look like a million bucks.

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The Details: 1. Like baskets, bins, glass canisters + jars. 2. Label, label, label. Consider this inspiration a blueprint to your perfect pantry and the best example of our mantra "a place for everything, everything in it's place". Drop cereal and cracker boxes, pretzel bags and mismatched containers and trade them in for glass canisters, jars with lids and handled bins to get the look. Color code and stack cook books, line-up soups, sodas and keep the ingredients together for your famous Italian dishes, Taco Tuesday or macaroni and cheese night.

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Pantry Cupboards: We think of oversized cabinets as "convenience cupboards". Depending on the location in your kitchen, they can be the perfect height for kids snacks, extra bottled water and juice packs or if near a workspace, these oversized cabinets can also dub as prep cabinets to store your favorite olive oils, flavored vinegar's, cooking sprays and items that might be a little too large for a spice cabinet. Use baskets to keep loose items or open bags. As you can see, woven baskets give a nice look here and we love storing whiteware where it's accessible and on display.

#PantryGoals: If we walked into this pantry every day, we'd think we died and went to pantry heaven. There's so much inspiration here that can be applied to any pantry. Don't have a walk-in pantry? You can create the same charm you see here on open shelving with pretty glass jars, cake stands and domes, baskets and a few of your favorite sweets and treats. Your pantry may not have a built-in ladder, but we always recommend a ladder in the kitchen for items that are hard to reach.


SHOP from left to right: 1. Cool Gray Wire Baskets // 2. Covered Jars // 3. Scoop Front Basket Trays // 4. Handled Shopping Baskets // 5. Woven Baskets // 6. Chalkboard Labels // 7. Covered Glass Canister Jars // 8. Magazine Files.

The Details: Magazine files are perfect for storing your favorite cooking magazines, and what better place than in the pantry. Style your shelves by color coding cookbooks (hello, RoyGBiv), store and display platters and serveware, and create what we call a "Costco" space or cabinet. This is an area where we store our overstock of paper towel, tissue, storage bags, tin foil, storage wraps, water and WINE, etc. Remember two things: 1. NOTHING should be kept on the floor unless it's contained in a bin or basket. 2. Stick with the system you just created and your pantry will live a long organized life.

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Original article and pictures take http://www.deborah-loves.com/blog/2016/1/12/6-pantries-that-are-perfect site

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