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6 of the Most Organized Pantries You've Ever Seen!

6 of the Most Organized Pantries You've Ever Seen!
6 of the Most Organized Pantries You've Ever Seen!


You all know I’m a sidetracked mess, right? I can’t even seem to get these weekly assignments done weekly. My pantry is a disaster area.

Problem #1 – I have three areas where I keep my pantry items.

  • In a Lazy Susan
  • In a cabinet next to my fridge
  • In an end table in the living room (don’t laugh, it’s the canned goods…we buy in bulk and have to put ’em somewhere!)

To say they’re disorganized is definitely telling it like it is. In fact, I put off this post because I didn’t have time to organize them all. I decided to start with one, show you my before and after and then tackle the rest as I go. So here goes…..

Here’s my before of the Lazy Susan:

There’s really no rhyme or reason to my mess. It’s all just shoved wherever whoever last put it up there could make it fit. Including laying a bottle of salad dressing on it’s side. Ha.

Pantry - Sidetracked Sarah

and here’s my after:

Amazingly I have a whole empty shelf! I really need to go shopping for my next Crockpot Freezer Meals menu!

Reorganized Pantry

Can you tell a difference? I know I can….but you my have to be here to see it.

So, while I was trying to come up with how to make this post more interesting than just showing you my junky space, I was on Pinterest and saw the most amazingly organized pantries ever. I knew you’d find these spaces, pretty cool, too…so I figured I’d HAVE to share them with you.

I pinned these to my Organized Kitchen Pinterest Board, too. Each week, I pin the section of the house I’m in the midst of organizing, so if this interests you, take a minute to follow me over there!

6 of the Most Organized Pantries I've Ever Seen!

6 of the Most Organized Pantries I’ve Ever Seen!

1. I love how she uses square edges in this one! And labels. A mix of baskets and containers. It’s all a great way to use her space!

Pantry = Delightful Order

2. I like all of the see through containers on this one.

Pantry = Boxwood Clippings

3. I would love to have this much space all in one place. I will consider doing something like this if I ever redesign my kitchen!

Pantry - AKA Designs

4. I love all of these can organizers!

Pantry - 6 Sisters Stuff

You can buy similar organizers on Amazon….

5. Oh to be this organized! I like the blue labels on this one.

Pantry - Beauty & Bedlam

6. I love the combination of the can holders and the see through containers with labels on this one.

Pantry - Babble

So what do you think? Do you keep your pantry this organized? Which one is your favorite? What would you do differently?

Do me a favor, and Pin this image on Pinterest!

6 of the Most Organized Pantries You've Ever Seen!

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