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6 Chic Decorating Ideas for the Indecisive

6 Chic Decorating Ideas for the Indecisive
6 Chic Decorating Ideas for the Indecisive

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Photo Ledges

The little sister of floating shelves, these slim panels hold a plethora of photos that can be switched out or added to easily. It’s easy to take down a picture you’re tired of, or keep family photos up to date. Other upsides? Less holes in the wall, and no more crooked picture frames (as long as you make sure your ledge is level).


Corkboards speak to those who are indecisive about everything (guilty). In addition to pinning artwork, inspirational messages, sweet notes, or nearly anything else, corkboards are places to plan without fear. That’s why I love this look in a home office, because as pretty as it looks displayed, it’s a highly functional piece of decor that changes according to need or style.


The chalkboard trend is going strong, and I am definitely still a fan. I know what you’re thinking… Painting a chalkboard wall? That takes decision-making. I’m out of here. Hear me out, though. Once it’s done, you can change up what’s drawn on there however much you want to. Alternatively, just hang up a chalkboard (I know, since the chalkboard paint craze, I kind of forgot they existed, too). Then, let the artists in your family have a hay day (even the little ones).


Once you hang up a clipboard, it is SO easy to switch what’s clipped on. In addition to being able to display fun things you find or buy, clipboards are ideally sized for printer paper. This means you can print out and hang up your favorite designs quickly, easily, and cheaply (three things I LOVE to hear when it comes to decorating).

Your kids’ art or your own sketches will also look great on clipboards. Plus, there are so many clipboard designs to fit everyone’s style. Personally, I’m really digging these all-gold clipboards, which switch up the schoolhouse vibe and make the look a little more chic.

Picture Leaning

I saved the best solution for last. Absolutely no commit necessary here. Literally just lean your piece against the wall. This makes installation the easiest thing ever. It’s also a nice way to ease into eventually hanging something on the wall. Lean it up until you’re sure that’s where the piece should go. However, I also love the leaning look just as it is – so no pressure to eventually hang it up.

Make sure your artwork is large if it’s displayed as a stand-alone piece. This will ensure sure your leaning looks intentional (and not like you’re just being lazy). If you want to use smaller works, make sure they are displayed in a pair or grouping.

Now you can decorate without fear, my friends! Have fun decorating, and feel confident knowing that you can easily change your decor if you don’t absolutely love your original plan, or if you are simply ready for another change. Don’t let indecision hold your home back from being as stylish as possible.

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