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40 Blonde Hairstyle Inspirations From Our Favourite Celebrities

40 Blonde Hairstyle Inspirations From Our Favourite Celebrities
40 Blonde Hairstyle Inspirations From Our Favourite Celebrities

Whether you are born with it, or faking it, blonde is still a firm favourite when it comes to hair colour. It illuminates the skin and comes in so many different shades, that you can always find a perfect blonde for you. Here's just a couple of gorgeous styles from our favourite celebs to get you started...

Platinum / White Blonde

Blonde Hairstyles © Getty

Gwen Stefani has arguably the most beautiful platinum blonde hue in Hollywood. She has been rocking the look for ever, and why the heck not, it looks amazing on her. The look is bright and bold, but it does take a lot of work to achieve and maintain. The colour is great on pale skin, and note from Gwen and wear with a bold lip.

Blonde Hairstyles
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Blonde Hairstyles © Getty

What do you get when you mix blonde and brown hair... DING DING DING yep you get bronde hair, and Cara Delevingne wears the colour so well. The mix of golden tones and brunette hues makes for a healthy gorgeous colour. If you are thinking of going blonde this is the perfect first step, it's easy and not too drastic.

Blonde Hairstyles
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Bright Butterscotch Blonde

Blonde Hairstyles © Getty

This is THE blonde bombshell colour. The subtle honey undertones and the platinum blonde highlights make this colour what it is. It's a great hue to warm up fair complexions and works great with darker complexions too, Rita Ora shows that so well with her hair.

Blonde Hairstyles © Pinterest

Blonde Hairstyles © Getty

Dark ash blonde is warm, easy to care for and flattering for must complexions. Taylor Swift styles hers in bob with a choppy fringe. To keep this colour looking it's best, you need to make sure it stays looking healthy and shiny.

Blonde Hairstyles © beautylish.com

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