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4 Ways to Prevent Frizz When Air-Drying Your Hair

4 Ways to Prevent Frizz When Air-Drying Your Hair
4 Ways to Prevent Frizz When Air-Drying Your Hair


The first step to nix frizz should happen as soon as you’re done with your shower, using a speciality towel to dry your hair. Regular terrycloth towels are often coarse, causing friction and frizz as you dry. Instead, use a clean T-shirt or a microfiber towel such as the DevaTowel ($12, Sephora) so the smooth surface keeps your hair in check.

2. Use a comb, not a hair brush, to detangle


Since your hair is extra fragile when it’s wet, you need to treat it with care to prevent damage. An easy fix is to swap your hair brush for a wide-tooth comb to work through tangles right after your shower. This will maintain your texture and prevent breakage, which in turn reduces frizz.

3. Apply an air dry friendly texturizer


All hair products are not created equally; you’ll want to change up your routine based on your hair type and styling needs. When letting your hair air dry, use a texturizer specifically designed to be used without heat in order to reap the most benefits. We recommend Don’t Blow It from Bumble and bumble ($31, Sephora).

4. Braids for days

Ever notice how great your hair looks after a day at the beach? The salt water definitely makes a difference, but so does the braid you created before surfing the waves. Get beachy waves and keep frizz at bay by creating a few braids throughout your hair before air-drying. Once your hair feels dry, remove the braids to reveal the stunning results.

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