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21 Stylish Dog Crates - Home Stories A to Z

21 Stylish Dog Crates - Home Stories A to Z
21 Stylish Dog Crates - Home Stories A to Z

tabletop dog crates

The price tag on this dog crate end table seems a bit insane to me, but I like the contemporary design and multi-purpose use. The steel makes it easy to clean and preempts any potential chewing (for doggies who might like to snack on wood furniture).

dog crate

This DIY Contemporary Doghouse comes with a full step-by-step tutorial in case you want to make one for your pup. Wouldn’t this look cool painted gold? With it’s flat top it could easily be used as an unique end table as well.


I couldn’t find the original source for the picture below, but I love the concept and think you could easily create this with an old end table. I would probably use plaid oilcloth on the inside of the table for easy clean-up.


Source: Unknown

A dog bed nightstand is a great option for those who want to keep their pups close at night but don’t want to share their bed.

dog crate nightstand

If you want to go the DIY route, Ana White offers plans on how to build your own DIY Dog Kennel end table.

diy table dog crate

Or you can disguise a crate underneath an end table! This end table was custom built to fit over an existing crate, but if your pets are small you can achieve the same look with a standard table.

dog crate table cover

Here is a DIY coffee table being used as a double dog crate. There is a divider in the middle so each dog has their own “room” and the doors on the end close with a magnet. How clever!

dog crate coffee table

This appears to be a custom piece of furniture but I think it could easily be replicated. I would use a cabinet and simply customize the cabinet doors to accommodate a furry friend.

dog crate console

Here is another clever DIY dog crate. A faux corner mantel multitasks as a doggie bedroom.

dog crate corner mantel

bookshelf dog crates

A bookshelf is also a great place to consider hiding a dog crate. Here are a few bookshelf dog crate ideas that are clever and keep dogs safe and stylish!


dog crate bookshelves

Source: Unknown

dog crate bottom cabinet bookshelf

Source: Unknown

built-in dog crates

If you have a medium or large dog, a built-in dog crate under a cabinet or kitchen island might be a more practical option for you. I love the idea of incorporating a dog crate into a laundry room design!

dog crate built-in laundry room

dog crate cupboard

built in dog crate

Source: Unknown

I value my storage space in my kitchen too much to give any of it up. But if you have space to spare, these are creative kitchen built-in dog crate options.

built in dog crate

dog crate kitchen island

dog crate under kitchen counter

built-in wall dog crates

For the ultimate out-of-the-way dog crate, find an unused nook in the house to build a private room for your pet. Under a staircase is a great option or in a hallway nook. I have a spot in my house that I think this project would be perfect for, but my husband is worried about how future homeowners would feel about our built-in. I can’t imagine not buying a house because they have a built-in dog crate, and since when do I make any decorating decision based on what a future homeowner thinks ;)? I’m not going to let it stop me from potentially proceeding with my doggy built-in plans; however, it is certainly something to consider before cutting a hole into your wall.

dog crate nook

dog crate under stairs


How about you? If you crate your dogs, where do you keep their crates? Are you feeling inspired to create a built-in option now? I know I am!

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