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17 Makeup Storage Ideas You'll Surely Love

17 Makeup Storage Ideas You'll Surely Love
17 Makeup Storage Ideas You'll Surely Love

17 Makeup Storage Ideas You'll Surely Love

For people who hoard makeup, storing and organizing can be a daunting task; with hundreds of lipsticks and even more eyeshadow quads, palettes, and pots, one can go crazy with makeup storage.

There are several factors to consider whether you’d like to consider seeing them all the time at the risk of forgetting you have that product or whether you find keeping them well hidden is what works best for you. Space and location in the house are also factors as some people might find their makeup can fill up an entire room. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but this list of makeup storage ideas has everything from Ikea drawers to DIY brush holders you surely will have a better idea of what to do with your makeup products.

From ready made storage to DIY, find your best bet on makeup storage in this list…

Surely, there are many ways to store and organize makeup finding one that works for you is a different story. Take a look at this list of 17 makeup storage ideas and see if you can find one that tickles your fancy.

1. Magnetic Board

1. Magnetic Board | Makeup Storage
image via Laura Thoughts

This ingenious DIY helps put all your makeup in one vertical space. Tip: mount all the makeup that you wear on a daily basis on this magnetic board for easy access.

2. Acrylic Makeup Counter Organizers

2. Acrylic Box | Makeup Storage

One of the more common ways to store makeup is by using acrylic boxes. Clear and compact, you can store just about all your cosmetic products and not have to worry about losing one in sight.

3. Ikea Alex Drawer

Ikea Alex Drawer | Makeup Storage
image via Ikea on Pinterest

The Ikea Alex drawer is another makeup storage solution that seems a little easy. You can organize your makeup in different categories from top to bottom and you can also fit plastic containers for separate compartments. How neat is that?

4. Shoe Organizer

4. Shoe Organizer | Makeup Storage
image via Pinterest

This hanging shoe organizer idea is excellent for dorms or small rooms, just hang it by a corner or door, as seen in the picture and put your makeup in place. You can also put labels on the clear plastic pouch for better organization.

5. Mason Jars

5. Mason Jar | Makeup Storage
image via Bringing Beauty

Mason jars are everywhere nowadays, make use of some for your makeup storage. Prop them up on a table and label each jar, it’s good that you can also see the items inside each.

6. Candle Jars

6. Candle Jars | Makeup Storage
image via lifeannstyle

Another ingenious hack is this old candle jar DIY shelf for your makeup. Glue old and unused candle jars together using a glue gun to store foundations, lipsticks, and pencils.

7. Ikea Makeup Vanity

Ikea Makeup Vanity | Makeup Storage
image via mstapioca

This Ikea vanity hack with a clear glass top is another good way of organizing your makeup. The glass top allows for you to see the makeup underneath, plus the shelf space allows you to organize them in clear plastic holders for easy organization.

8. Hanging Jars

8. Hanging Jars | Makeup Storage
image via Hitmewithyoursmile

For a fancy take on the mason jar DIY makeup storage, add hooks to an otherwise bare wall and tie yarns around the jars to hang. This gives you more space on your table or vanity for more storage. Using the wall is a good trick for additional space.

9. Clear Makeup Brush Storage

Clear Makeup Brush Storage | Makeup Storage
image via hellomissniki

Clear plastic containers are easily bought at craft stores at for a good value. In order to create an efficient brush holder, don’t forget to fill them half way with plastic beads, so that your brushes don’t fall to their sides.

10. Christmas Gift Boxes

10. Gift Box | Makeup Storage
image via designeveryday

If you have gift boxes lying around, why not use them as storage units for your makeup. You can put them on top of your vanity or on a shelf to store makeup you don’t normally reach for on a daily basis.

11. Ikea Raskog

Ikea Raskog | Makeup Storage
image via polkadothair

This Ikea Raskog hack allows you to have a rolling makeup storage unit in the house. Label each shelf to organize properly and set it up near your vanity mirror for ease of use.

12. Recycled plastic

11. Recycled Plastic Bottle | Makeup Storage
image via pluii

This versatile product can be cut and melted on the edges to give you a lightweight and inexpensive holder for your makeup and brush sets. Using different colored plastic bottles also gives your vanity corner a splash of colors.

13. Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Rack | Makeup Storage
image via lisapullano

This nail polish rack is also a good way to store makeup in bullet form containers like lipsticks, lipglosses, and some liquid foundation bottles. You can also fit palettes in the rack and you have a little corner that efficient and effectively holds your makeup.

14. Leather Brush Holder

Leather Brush Holder | Makeup Storage
image via makercrate

Good for traveling, a roll-up brush holder does not need to be expensive, you only need to get creative. Store your makeup brushes properly in this leather roll up bag to keep them away from dirt and dust. Unroll anywhere when you’re out and about!

Interested in buying your own makeup brush roll set? This professional MUA brush kit is JUST WHAT YOU NEED (and it’s affordable!)

15. Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet | Makeup Storage
image via myeyeshadowconsultant

If you have an old cabinet in the house, use it as your own makeup storage unit. This is especially great for working artists who have a ton of products. A clear glass cabinet also allows you to view the items inside so you can easily find them.

16. Sliding Panel

16. Sliding Panel | Makeup Storage
image via abeautyfulworld

Sliding panels aren’t just for the pantry. It can also be used for your makeup essentials. It effectively hides and stores your makeup in one place saving time and energy since you don’t have to fumble around. Just open the door and voila! out comes your makeup babies.

17. Magazine Rack | Makeup Storage
image via myeyeshadowconsultant

Everything about this magazine rack palette organizer is awesome. No need to stack your eyeshadow palettes on top of each other because you can now organize them beautifully side by side. It also fits your vanity table or your makeup cabinet, it’s just genius.

Watch this DIY makeup storage solution video by VasseurBeauty:

Whether you have a lot of makeup or less, storing them is essential in keeping them clean and sanitized. Get creative and think outside the box in order to come up with the best storage solution for your makeup.

What do you think of this Makeup Storage list? Let me know in the comments below!

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