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11 Tips for Being a Successful LuLaRoe Consultant

11 Tips for Being a Successful LuLaRoe Consultant
11 Tips for Being a Successful LuLaRoe Consultant

Here's 11 Tips for Being a Successful LuLaRoe! - mompreneuradvice.com

LuLaRoe is literally one of the most popular Direct Sales Businesses around today and I get so many people coming to my site to learn about how to earn LuLaRoe consultant income, the LuLaRoe consultant start up process and cost, and how to make more sales as a LuLaRoe consultant. I decided to take a moment and catalog a list of all the tips I’ve found useful for being a successful LuLaRoe consultant.

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Here’s 11 Tips for Being a Successful LuLaRoe Consultant:

Tip 1: Go to a LulaRoe Convention

Attending any type of business convention will pays off in dividends! You’ll get to meet other ladies who are doing the same exact business as you and can learn from their strengths and weaknesses in a group setting. It’s also a great way to build community and keep you inspired and feeling supported in your business journey! The next LuLaRoe Convention is happening in Ontario, CA in July 2016. Here’s the details

tip 2: Have your hostess tag people on Facebook the day of the party

This will encourage people to attend the event and increase your sales. It will also remind those who were already planning to attend but maybe forgot. Tagging sends a direct notification to attendees and is a great reminder tool.

tip 3: Spend time prepping your Hostesses

Every hostess should have some dedicated time with you before your event to learn about what to expect, how to help generate sales and discuss with you the type of customers to expect at the party. During this prep time you can also go over the set up of your party, decorations to bring and the general layout of the event. Planning and prepping always pays off!

tip 4: Create a sense of urgency

Bring your calendar and fill it with all your weekly activities. Let people know you are very busy and if they really want to host a party that your schedule is filling up fast. This will let hosts know the opportunity to host a party might not happen if they don’t secure their spot as soon as possible.

tip 5: Host parties at local offices

A great place to host a party is at an office during lunch hour. It’s great because people are already there and will have time to shop without having to leave the office.

tip 6: Wear your LuLaRoe clothing while running errands

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my friends who are LuLaRoe consultants wearing the clothing during school pick-ups, at the grocery store and at social events. Their beautiful and colorful clothing catches my eye every time and immediately makes me think about getting the same LuLaRoe dress or leggings for my own wardrobe. Wearing your LuLaRoe pieces around town will get people thinking about the product and it reminds them to ask you about hosting a party or ask you when your next party is happening.

tip 7: Give your business card out to people you meet throughout your day

A business card is definitely a must if you want to be a successful LuLaRoe consultant! Most likely you will be wearing your LuLaRoe clothing while you’re out and about (like I suggested above!). When people notice your outfit make sure you give them a business card letting them know where to they can contact you to purchase their next favorite piece of clothing.

I always suggest getting your business cards printed with our affiliate friend Moo.com because their cards super are coloful, high quality and perfectly match the LulaRoe style, look and feel. Check them out!

tip 8: Promote your events on a dedicated Facebook Page

Promotion is key to being successful in any business! I’ve noticed that dedicated LuLaRoe consultants all have their own special LuLaRoe Facebook Pages (like my friend Rhonda’s) and promote their upcoming parties, new clothing pieces, and share photos of past events. All of this promotion helps keep the momentum going and keeps people interested in the LuLaRoe brand while keeping you as their go-to LuLaRoe consultant.

tip 9: Start letting people know about your LuLaRoe consulting business before you get your first shipment

Letting people know as soon as you’ve signed up will help expedite you set up your party schedule and let’s people know they can come to you specifically when they need a new dress or leggings for an upcoming event. You can do this by sharing with your friends on Facebook, talk about your business at social events and asking others to spread the word.

tip 10: Try to Book 2-3 future parties at each party

When you are hosting a party it means you are surrounded by women who already are in love with LuLaRoe clothing. Take advantage of this client base and suggest customers host their own parties. This will help you fill your schedule and continue your sales channels without having to go out and find a bunch of new hosts every week.

tip 11: Always follow up with anyone who’s Expressed interest in hosting an event

People don’t often take the time to pursue things unless they have someone encouraging them to do so. Make sure to follow up with anyone who expresses interest in hosting a party, do this 1-2 time if necessary.

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Here's 11 Tips for Being a Successful LuLaRoe! - mompreneuradvice.com

There’s my 11 Tips for Being a Successful LuLaRoe Consultant! Have any tips you want to share? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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