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10 Ways to Hang a Hammock

10 Ways to Hang a Hammock
10 Ways to Hang a Hammock

By the Fire
Perfect for winter nights.
  • On the Shore
    There's nothing better than relaxing in a hammock on the beach with a bottle of champagne at your side.

  • Bask in a hammock on a beach, on a porch, or even in your living room this summer. If you are considering putting up a hammock or just love to daydream about relaxing in one, you must check out these creative ways people have hung them. Want one to lounge outside in this summer? Or one you can enjoy indoors all year round? I think I’ll take both. Take a second to kick back, relax and check out these 10 Ways to Hang a Hammock…

    Original article and pictures take http://www.babble.com/home/10-ways-to-hang-a-hammock/#beside-the-pond site

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