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10 Tiny Home Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Space

10 Tiny Home Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Space
10 Tiny Home Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Space

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Kara from ‘Happy Go Lucky’ turned an ordinary plastic storage bin into a jute wrapped toy bin… with wheels, no less! Really easy tutorial with pics…

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This DIY storage ottoman from ‘Mon Makes Things’ is bigger than it looks in this photo… It uses 4 wooden crates and some hardware to put together. Great tutorial and this is a multi use piece, also with wheels… perfect for small homes!

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Try this hanger hack for shoes from ‘Epbot’… Simple project to get those flip flops or flats out of that pile in the corner of the closet!

Tiny house storage hacks-4

Tiny house storage hacks-3

Chelsea at ‘Making Home Base’ has the perfect solution for the “clutter on the bathroom counter” issue… This charming wood caddy with rope handles, and she has a great tutorial for how to make it!

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Don’t these look like expensive vintage locker bins? Well find out how Adrienne of ‘Chic California’ made these from dollar store supplies!

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Attic Maxx‘ has a storage system for attics that can take that tiny crawl space and turn it into a storage gold mine… especially important in a small home! Give you any ideas?

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This under bed storage is pretty clever… and should come as no surprise, comes from ‘Ikea‘… Bet you DIY’ers are thinking’ tho, right?

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Ok, this one you can definitely DIY! Build simple boxes, put on casters, slide ’em under! From ‘Stylecaster‘…

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From ‘Dee the Creative Mom‘, this shoe holder has a great use… keeping all your cleaning supplies in one place, and where you can see them. She has a great tip though, if you have little kids, keep cleaning supplies higher up, maybe use the lower section for dusters or the like? Inexpensive idea!

Tiny home storage hack-11

Ok, this site needs Google Translate for us, but fortunately, a picture (or two!) speak a thousand words! Use those cardboardish concrete forms in the home improvement store as modern shelving! Paint them nice and if you look closely at the second photo, you can see they are just hung with an L-bracket. From ‘4 Duros‘.

Tiny House Storage Hacks

Image Credits: Attic Maxx, Happy Go Lucky, Mon Makes Things, Epbot, Making Home Base, Chic California, Ikea, Stylecaster, Dee the Creative Mom, 4 Duros

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