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10 Everyday Items to Use As Blog Photography Props - The Blog Market

10 Everyday Items to Use As Blog Photography Props - The Blog Market
10 Everyday Items to Use As Blog Photography Props - The Blog Market

10 Everyday Items to Use As Blog Photography Props | The Blog Market

Flowers & Plants: My roommates and I are true houseplant hoarders so I always grab one or two of our plants when I’m taking photos for the blog. Now that it’s peony season, I’m sure I’ll have a bouquet in the house every couple weeks and you’d better believe I’ll be photographing them a ton.

Small Office Supplies: You might have guessed how much we love office supplies by the number of workspace roundups we post. I’m all for buying desk accessories that are both cute and useful.

Fabric: I went through a vintage fabric collecting phase a few years ago, and I love sneaking the pretty patterns into my photos every now and then. If you don’t have random fabric lying around, use a big scarf or your bed sheets as a backdrop to make your photos look extra dreamy.

Craft Supplies: Colored pencils, a roll of twine, washi tape, paint brushes… If you’re a crafter, show off your colorful arts & craft supply collection!

Stationery: I love including a notebook or two whenever I style photos for TBM. Check out our workspace roundups for inspiration here, here, and here.

Confetti: You guys have confetti lying around your house, right? Haha. Just kidding, that is probably just me. To make your own, follow this DIY confetti tutorial Angela posted back in February!

Techy Devices: If you blog about design, social media, small biz, etc. sneak your laptop, tablet, or phone into your bloggy photos!

Candles: Always a good addition to photos and to your workspace in general. Read my post on creating a comfortable work environment to see what scents make you more productive!

Trinket Trays: I think little decorative catchalls are perfect for adding a little somethin’ to styled photos.

If you need to stock up on some multi-purpose items like these, check out my favorite products below:


1. Honey Tobacco Votive | Rosy Rings

2. Petite Party Dots iPhone Case | Ban.do

3. Speckled Turquoise Ring Dish | The Object Enthusiast

4. Mod Metal Planter | Urban Outfitters

5. The Standard Notebook | Iron Curtain Press

6. Throw Botanical Confetti | LEIF

7. Fountain Washi Tape | Dormify

8. New Rorscharch Notebook Set | Rifle Paper Co.

9. Heritage Scissors | Moorea Seal

10. Pillar Mug | LEIF

Do you regularly style photos for your blog or are you just dipping your feet? What are your go-to props?

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